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Professor Eva Mir,
Doris Genhard,



Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (Austria)


The Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (CUAS) has 1.794 students and 615 employees in the field of teaching and research. The University is organized into four departments including the department of Health and Social Work. The School of Health and Social Work includes 8 Bachelor Programs, namely Biomedical Science, Occupational Therapy, Healthcare Management, Midwifery, Speech and Language Therapy, Physiotherapy, Radiologic Technology and Social Work and 2 Master Programs (Health Management and Social Work: Developing and Shaping). The department offers also a variety of Postgraduate and Additional Training Programs. Their common characteristic is a combination of knowledge of research and practice. With this orientation towards practice, our graduates have good career opportunities.
Besides education, research and development form the second integral pillar of academic activity. Universities of Applied Sciences focus their work in particular on the area of applied research and development. Research activities enhance the quality of teaching to a high degree by making important current and innovative content available for the education of the students.
The research in the field of Healthcare Management focuses among other topics on the evaluation of health related interventions highlighting health economic issues or with the aim to provide a decision-making basis for the planning in health care systems (specific service needs, capacity, financing). Apart from medical treatments the emphasis lies on care services, preventive strategies or interventions at the level of health delivery systems (e.g. competition in the national health insurance). For each project an adequate mix of empirical methods is specified.
During the last years the CUAS was involved in a variety of international projects. In the area of the development of international education programs the department health and social work was partner in the project GEROM – Joint Development of an Online Gerontological Master Degree Programme. GEROM was an EU-project and part of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the EU. Six European countries (Slovenia, Austria, Bulgaria, UK, Ireland, and Finland) worked together on the development of an online gerontological master degree programme. The frequently cited demographic changes as well as the increasing mobility within the European healthcare market underline the relevance of this project. GEROM was leaded by the Slovenian partners, Austria (CUAS) was responsible for the work package "evaluation and quality assurance".

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