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Saimaa University of Applied Sciences (Finland)


In the Saimaa University of Applied Sciences (SUAS), we have the following faculties: Health Care and Social Services, Technology, and Business and Culture. The total number of young and adult students studying for a degree is 2,700, and the number of lecturers is about 260. Saimaa UAS is located in South-Eastern Finland in Lappeenranta about 220 km from Helsinki, which is the capital city of Finland.

The strategic focus areas of Saimaa UAS are based on the university’s strengths and interest groups’ needs. The university carries out education, research and development as well as international operations in the following multidisciplinary focus areas: Health and social services and service processes, User-oriented technologies and their commercial applications, and Management and entrepreneurship.

Saimaa UAS has Bachelor’s and Master´s Degree Programmes. Bachelor’s Degree Programmes are as follows: Nursing (210 ects), Physiotherapists (210 ects), Social Worker’s (210 ects), Occupational Therapists (210 ects), Public Health Nursing (240 ects) and Emergency care Nursing (240 ects). Curriculum reform was done in 2011 and the main change was including inter-professional studies in the curriculums e.g. Client-centered practice (3 ects) module. The Master’s programme in Health and Social Services is Health Promotion (90 ects). The implementation is multi-professional having Nurses, Physio- and Occupational Therapists, and Social Workers as students. The curriculum of Master’s Programme concentrates on wellbeing and health promotion studies. In the teaching and learning methods new learning environments, blended learning methods, especially work-based learning, and part time learning are utilised to support students’ learning.

The Educational environment in Saimaa UAS is excellent and teaching now takes places in a new building from 2011. In the new school there is an outstanding simulation education area with fundamental equipment. Besides, the staff of Health Care Education has had simulation educator training and simulation education has embedded in the new curricula.

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